Schmahl is available to all its customers at all times. You can contact us by telephone, e-mail, Internet or fax. If you simply want to congratulate us because you are satisfied with our quality, or require technical information, prices and support, please choose your contact partner:

Company management:
Florian Alexander Schmahl 

Consultants to the management:
Franz Arnold Schmahl
Christa Elisabeth Schmahl

Order processing, service and sales:
J. Volter

C. Flöth

S. Budek

Service and sales:
Franz Arnold Schmahl
Florian Alexander Schmahl
Frank Schilling
Günter Willms
Peter Hens
Oliver Schwaffertz

F. A. Schmahl jr. GmbH & Co.KG
Oberheidt 21
D-42349 Wuppertal

Telephone     +49 (0)202 / 47 10 17
Telefax           +49 (0)202 / 47 37 90